Email Marketing

Email Campaign ToolEmail marketing campaigns are being used ever more frequently by businesses that need to send promotional information. It is one of the lowest-cost marketing tools available and something that you too could very easily be doing.

Axial IT provides a fully-featured email campaign tool, which you can use to send your marketing emails. By doing so, you not only have a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips, but you also build and develop your own customer database.

Having your own Campaign Manager allows you to create and send as many campaigns as you wish

Features include:

  • Lower cost - by managing the emails yourself, you save money.
  • Upload your own html templates, or use a template we create for you.
  • Send individually personalised emails to your customer by name
  • Create links in your email to pages on your website
  • Queue up the campaign and send at a pre-assigned time.
  • See detailed reports of
    HOW MANY people have opened your campaign
    Who has CLICKED on each and every link within your campaign
    Who has FORWARDED to a friend

Contact us to find out more and experience a FREE TRIAL of the system.

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