Intranet Solutions

For multi-site businesses, the sharing of information between locations can become a challenge in its own right. Communication of essential information such as Daily Sales Reports, Staff Rotas and Head Office announcements all need to be exchanged securely.

There is a big efficiency advantage to having one central place of data storage place so long as it is accessible and can be modified by those that need it. No one is entering the same data twice, version control is simple - there are no multiple copies that need to be managed.

Axial provides solutions for a centrally manageable and secure intranet system. Accessed via a Secure Socket Layer and providing your business the security it needs, shared data can include documents, spreadsheets, forms…in fact any kind of file. Access control can be set with the appropriate permission levels, according to the user’s roles.

Our clients have found this system an invaluable solution to help with the running of their day-to-day operations.

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