Axial IT are a solutions provider using innovative approaches to solve problems. Our objective is to provide measured fit-for-purpose solutions.

In this section you can find out more about:

Mobile Printouts – our solution to allow websites or applications to send printouts to GPRS Printers.

Online Takeaway Ordering – A complete ecommerce platform that presents a menu, creates an order, securely collects payment, and prints orders at the Takeaway.

Table Reservation – A streamlined but well-featured module that plugs into your website, manages your table reservations as well presenting promotions, offers and also building up your customer database

Axial POS – A low cost, entry level POS system designed for Takeaways. The system includes a Caller ID and a postcode address database as well as all the menu and pricing functionality a Takeaway needs.

Charity Event Manager – Our novel Charity Events Software for the management of Audio Visuals, Silent Auctions and Fundraising Games for Charity events. Includes Announcement screens, Ticker results, Timer, Lottery game and Flash Based Displays for display screens.

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