GPRS Printers

GPRS Printer

With our new GPRS Printer, you can now send printouts to remote locations over the GPRS network, without the need for a broadband connection or any other local network installation.


The GPRS printer is a small, portable, standalone device for receiving and printing text-based messages from Web applications. It takes full advantage of GPRS or 3G mobile network coverage and provides a solution that can be pre-configured and sent out to end users. All that is required on site is for the device to be switched on. This removes any installer costs, and gives an instantly deployable printing solution - anywhere.

As part of the solution, we provide an API interface that can be utilised by web application developers to support 2-way communication.

Suitable for
• Restaurants and takeaways to receive orders directly from an ordering website
• Taxis/cab firms/delivery drivers to receive instructions on new pickups/deliveries
• Information / Ticketing Kiosks
• Any other situation where messages need to be conveyed to a remote party
• 128 x 64 LCD Display, 24 keys, menu operation interface, easy operation
• Easy loading paper and maintenance
• Standalone device, no need to connect to PC or to a wired network
• Thermal Printer with standard 58mm wide paper roll
• Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• AC input: 100V-240V AC
• Power adaptor output: DC 9V/2.5A
• Dimensions 180(W) x 250(D) x 135(H) mm
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