Online Takeaway Ordering

Axial IT’s online ordering system is flexible and perfectly suited for single restaurants as well as multi-restaurant groups.  Our system can be configured to operate seamlessly as part of a customer website, preserving the customer’s domain, website theme and branding. The solution is ideally suited for multi-restaurant groups and portal websites but can also be used by individual restaurants and takeaways.


Screenshot of Online orderings system for the Kirky Mahal.

  • Low cost
  • Orders sent within seconds to your printer
  • Automatic Daily Sales Report
  • Total customisation of delivery areas and delivery charges
  • Promotions and vouchers for any days / periods
  • Secure payment handling
  • High reliability with call centre support
  • An intuitive interface for easy ordering



Setup in three easy steps

(1) We set up our system with details of the restaurant / takeaway.
(2) We configure printers and deploy printers
(3) The system is then ready to take orders

Technical features:

Screenshot of the Administrative panel for backend management.

  • Onsite printers can be connected via 3G or Broadband and are monitored 24/7
  • Backup to Fax provided
  • Multi-restaurant groups are supported with a smart restaurant finder which can search by street names, areas as well as postcodes
  • Flexible and precise set up of delivery areas with a fully configurable and tiered delivery charge structure
  • Automated Daily Sales Report
  • Automated Weekly Sales Reports for Head Office use
  • Promotions and vouchers can be defined to operate on any days / periods
  • SSL connection for payment handling
  • Hosted across multiple data centres for improved resilience and performance
  • Integrated Call Centre system available
  • Full Administrative Management interface
  • Flexible Delivery areas and charges

Screenshot of the polygon tool for defining the the delivery areas.


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