Table Reservations

Screenshot of the table reservation moduleThis is a low-cost and simple to operate Table Reservation system for restaurants. It has been designed to be easily integrated into existing websites, although we can, of course, set up a new website if required.

When your customer makes a booking request, the request gets added to the system, and a notification is sent to email addesses of your choice. The restaurant manager can then check for availability and, send a confirmation to the customer by either clicking on a link on the email, or by logging onto the administration portal.

Here, bookings can be viewed and Restaurant opening times and unavailable periods can also be set as required.The system allows promotions to be programmed which customers can choose as required for their booking.

All registered customers are added to your own exclusive and ever-increasing database and this becomes an invaluable asset for your Marketing Campaigns and for your Promotion offerings.

Because the system is cloud based, you can securely access the system from anywhere with an internet connection and not just from within your restaurant.

The system can be offered either as fixed monthly fee, or a "per booked head".

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